Review: The World’s Worst Children 2

Book review of The World's Worst Children by a kid book blogger

This week’s review is brought to you by my little brother Book Boy Jr (10).

Title: The World’s Worst Children 2

Author: David Walliams

Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

About the book: This book contains a variety of stories about children with traits such as mischief, hatred and other horrible things. Each story is different in its own way, but they’re all funny.

What I thought: I thought the book was interesting because there are so many different stories in there. My favourite was ‘Humbert The Hungry Baby’, which is about a baby who eats too much and sneaks into the fridge.

I really like David Walliams as an author because he’s funny and he has lots of expression and details in his characters. I think The World’s Worst Children (1) would also be good, but I haven’t read it yet.

The stories are all short – about 15-20 pages each – so they’re good to read before you go to sleep at night. There are also lots of colour pictures in the book, which I liked.

I would recommend this book for kids aged 8-11.

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