Review: The Skeleton Tree

This book review of The Skeleton Tree is brought to you by Book Boy Jr, aged 11.


Title: The Skeleton Tree

Author: Iain Lawrence

Publisher: Tundra/Penguin Random House

About the book: I got this book during a recent visit to Canada. It was recommended by Sarah at Kidsbooks, Vancouver, but you can also buy it in Australia. The book is about two boys who are survive a shipwreck off the Alaskan coast. They are stranded on an island with no food, water or shelter and no means of connecting with the outside world.This book is built on friendship and loss.

What I thoughtI thought this book was heart-pounding and very lonely, but I loved it because of the survival feel and I liked reading about the boys slowly building their life on the island. I have recommended this book to many other people. I would suggest it is for readers 10+ because it is sad at times.

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