Looking for books for teens for Christmas? 33 great #LoveOzYA ideas to help you out

Books For Teens For Christmas | bookboy.com.auAs regular readers will know, I am a member of the #LoveOzYA Committee, which is a group of volunteers who work together to help promote YA books written by Australian authors. You can read all about the committee and it’s work here.

I also write guest book reviews for Megan Daley at Children’s Books Daily, so when she asked me to come up with a list of books for teens for Christmas, I decided it was a great opportunity to get the Committee on board and help get the word out about some of the amazing #LoveOzYA titles of the last year or so.

You’ll find our list of 33 New #LoveOzYA Book Gifts For Teens here.

I hope it helps you find the perfect book!